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Saturday, 18 February 2017,

Assalamualaikum and hi !
Finally , I have time to share about my latest vacation . So , I went to Japan last December (2016) . I went there for 8 days and 7 nights . My mom and I planned this trip the whole year of 2016 (place to stay , the flight ticket , train ticket etc.) . My spm year guys *cry a river* but it was okay after all because I had plenty of time after spm ended to actually plan what we're going to do in Japan .

So here it is ;

First day : 10th December 2016
   We depart from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) at 8 in the morning . The sunrise was so beautiful from up there but I end up sleeping after 1 hour of flight (lack of sleep the night before hehew) . We arrived at Narita Airport after 6 hours of flight . Oh , we took ANA flight just in case you guys want to know . It is quite expensive but we reserved it early so got some discounts there hehe . The normal price per person is likely RM1500  (I don't actually remember the after discount price) . The service was okay and the food is halal too there's no need to be worry . The cabin crews were friendly (except the languange barrier hehe) . I actually sat next to this japanese guy during the flight and we actually talked but then we end up buat hal sendiri .

   Then , we activate our Japan Rail Pass as soon as we arrived . My mother booked this JR Pass as the mostly used public transportation is the train . This pass allowed you to take any train under JR-East company and for shinkansen too (fast train) . The pass is about 29000 yen for adult which is plus minus RM 1000 for a week use . It was much easier to travel with that pass as we don't have to buy the train ticket at the station anymore .

   We stayed at one of the guesthouse in Shibuya,Tokyo . The guesthouse was fine and the owner is friendly too .We searched for the guesthouse at . The neighbourhood is quite at night but like a bee in the morning as the naka-meguro station is just a few steps from the guesthouse (300m kot) . Then , we went for shopping (dry food ) because we don't have anything to eat for breakfast the next morning . My favourite shop is LAWSON (kind of 7e but cheaper) . Omg there were so much halal food and drinks (ofc non-halal exist too) . We went there every night (dah jadi tempat wajib pergi)

Second day : 11 December 2016

 The next day , we went to Thatched House at Kawaguchiko near Mount Fuji (highest mountain in Japan) . Actually , there are many things to do in Kawaguchiko but we chose Thatched House because we want to experience wearing the traditional costume of Japanese people . It was 6 degree celcius at that time

We can see the Mount Fuji from here

Randomly took picture along the way
My sister in kimono 
The thatched house
That's all for the second day .

3rd day : 12 December 2016

 The third day , we travel to the another part of Japan which is Nagano . We went to Hakuba , Nagano for skiing . It was actually my first time skiing .Oh by the way , we went to Nagano by shinkansen and went to Hakuba by bus . I never ski before and I'm noob *cry a river* . We went to Hakuba 47 (as Hakuba have many ski place) . No need to be worry as we can rent the equipments . The course was so difficult and I nearly cry omg (cry baby) even for beginner . Jatuh jangan cakap lah banyak kali kot . Luckily , there was a coach . Actually the coach just arrived at Japan and didn't start to teach yet but I am his first student (unofficially) because at that time he just want to test the course .He saw me and he said that it is crucial to teach me because I know absolutely nothing about ski .  He is an american by the way so there were no language barrier (Thank God) . Finally , I managed to ski on my own without falling . It was totally a great moment . The temperature at Hakuba was -3 degree celcius at that time

Nagano City

Completely surrounded with snows

Cuak face everywhere

30 seconds before falling

4th day : 13th December 2016

As for the fourth day , we decided to go out a little bit late because we were so exhausted from yesterday's activity . So we just decided to go to Tokyo Disneyland . We took a train (JR pass as usual) and stop at Maihama station . I bought a 1-day ticket for JUNIOR as I am not 18 yet at that time . It cost around 6400 japanese yen which will be RM252.45 (according to the latest currency state) . I thought Disneyland is a place for kids but I was wrong . I actually had fun there with the fun rides and it is so hugeeeeeeeee . Literally , I completed my 10 000 steps just walking in the park . It was raining a little bit but then it was just fine . Not too cold and I can even take off my jacket haha . 

I want to date here someday

My favourite disney character

The back of the castle is so beautiful at night

At the end of the day (worth waiting for)

Fifth day : 14th December 2017
 For the fifth day , we just took a walk around Tokyo . I don't have a lot of pictures for that day because I forgot to charge the camera *cry a river* . So , we went for food hunting , the tokyo tower and even the famous rainbow bridge .We also walked across Ginza (famous shopping spot) and I must tell you that the urge to shop is so high but I have to control myself .  At that time , the highest deck of the Tokyo Tower was closed for a little renovation I think so we just get to see from the 50m deck . I bought a ticket for 500 japanese yen which is about RM20 per person (middle school) . At the end of the day , we went to see the light sensation for the christmas season . It was so beautiful but unfortunately I can't record that moment .

near the Emperor's Castle

A moment before the camera ran out of battery

6th day : 15th December 2016

For the 6th day , we went to my favorite place , Kyoto ! There were a lot of things that mesmerized me including the culture , the beauty of nature and the foods too !  We reserved the seat for shinkansen from Shinagawa , Tokyo to Kyoto . At Kyoto , we have to buy for the railway pass as the train is not under JR-East company . There were trains under JR but it is not heading to the place we wanted to go . We actually tried ramen (halal ramen) near the Kyoto station and it was so delicious . I ordered just a regular bowl but I am satisfied because the bowl is so big and full with the food . Later on , we went to the Emperor's castle (but just at the outside) .As you're in Kyoto , the food that you must eat in Kyoto is its green tea ice cream . It was so delicious (and I'm craving for it right now when I just thinking about it) . There are a lot of temples in Kyoto . We just saw it from far as we don't have much time . We traveled just a day for each place so we don't have much time to really explore Kyoto . I have to come back to Japan just to spend time at Kyoto . We went to see the top University which is University of Kyoto . At that fine moment , I just having thoughts what if  I study in Kyoto (aha just another daydream that can't be true) . At the end of the day , we went to the famous halal beef restaurant , Yakiniku-Naritaya . It was just a small place . People have to line up there . Luckily , we went there before the dinner time so we don't have to line up . The meats were so tender and juicy . The meats were so fresh and they really have the skills to cut the meats . 
In front of the Kyoto Station

seem small but it's big

The door to your heart

The sunset was so beautiful !

Look at those meats

7th day : 16th December 2016

 We went to play the snow at Echigo-Yuzawa . Actually , we wanted to go to Niigata but end up , my mom saw Echigo-Yuzawa snowing at that moment . She made up her mind and we have to wait for shinkansen . We just spend our half day in shinkansen . As soon as we arrived , we went for a walk near the station and it was snowing ! There is a park near to the station and we just played with the snow until we're tired . We spend about 3 hours just playing the snow and my khakis was soaked with melted snow but unfortunately I didn't bring extra pants . It was fun having opportunity to spend time with my siblings because during my spm year , I didn't spend a lot of time with my family . I studied like hell and my home just like rumah singgah at that time . So , having a trip with my family is heaven !
nampak seluar tu basah gila

yang belakang tu over excited

totally covered with snows

Echigo-Yuzawa is bae

8th day : 17th December 2016

Our last day at Japan ! Our JR pass have been deactivate as it was only for a week use . So , we decided to take a bus to Narita Airport . We took a bus at a hotel near Shibuya Station . I don't remember how much it cost but it is an affordable price . So we spend our time at the airport and we ate halal curry udon at the airport . It was my first time trying curry udon at it was so delicious ! There are halal foods at airport too so you don't have to worry what to eat there .

This was actually the moment we arrived at Japan . I didn't capture any photo on the last day
So , that's it . My trip to Japan . I hope you have some information and oh we travel on our own without a travel agent as my mom studied in Japan last time and she is very fluent speaking Japanese . Basically , we ate seafood-based foods such as eel , sea eel , prawn and octopus . For other foods like bread , biscuits or anything , my mom will check the ingredients for us .

The end.
p/s : sorry for my grammar


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